Music Monday – C is for Cherry Ghost (BBITW)

Cherry Ghost: Currently known as the best band in the world

A great thing about having all my stuff back with me is having all my CDs to hand when preparing Music Monday.

Listening to Cherry Ghost, in particular these three tracks is heavenly; it’s like everything is OK in the world again. Imagine what it’s like to see them live; my friends watch me go into a trance like state with an unbreakable smile on face for the whole duration of the gig. A happier place there cannot be then listening to Simon’s calming voice and the whole thing being created live in front of you.

All the tracks are from their first album, ‘Thirst for Romance’ that I slowly discovered but then became hooked upon when I listened to the whole thing on a night flight back from the USA in October 2007. I bought the new album the minute (9.01am) it came out and I love it, but I’m still getting to know it to be really in love with it too. So here goes:

4amlike warm honey dripping down your very course sore throat, instantly soothing you back to health.

I thought this was always my favourite because of the contented journey back after four glorious days in San Francisco for my birthday. It would have been around 4am our time, hence the memory.

People Help the People – Like getting into your own big, warmed bed, with clean sheets and four pillows having spent several nights sleeping on someone’s sofa

Mathematicslike sinking into a bubbly, warm bath, knowing there is plenty of hot water, no-one will disturb you and you don’t have to be any place else for hours.

What sort of band puts one of their best tracks last? Quite a few times I’ve heard it I think I have skipped to the start again but I haven’t, it’s just a fantastic album. This one is probably the fans favourite judging by the crowd reaction at gigs and if I really, really had to pick, mine too.

For those of you not converted to the magic that is Cherry Ghost, listen to these three and you will be. That is unless you are tone deaf, (but then you’ll still read the words), have no taste or absolutely no heart.

This is what life is all about; my work here is done. See you at the Glee Club (Bham) on March 14th.

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