Two worlds become one

NYC merging with UK

Really, it’s a small thing but on Saturday I put on my pale blue, long fleecy robe for the first time in 2 years, (it’s as good as new) and made my weekend pancakes. If I was in New York, I would have watched at least one premiership match before I’d got out of bed and another one whilst getting ready for the weekend spent upstate.

Later I use my egg ring to make perfect size eggs for the muffin, in my super duper mini frying pan – all my pans have been returned to me  from NYC bent out of shape but that just makes me smile; my life has been bent out of shape for a couple of years.

I have coffee in my ’weekend’ Shabby Chic mug that reminds me of having eggnog in my coffee pretty much all the way between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s day. I bought this pretty china thing to celebrate after viewing the apartment that I then moved into and then going round the corner to discover that the Shabby Chic store had come to New York.

Today I feel like my New York has merged into what I have now and it feels kind of nice.

Shabby Chic MugOn Monday I once again make perfect, fluffy scrambled eggs with my very expensive whisk and mini pan. I also delighted in the first time I wore my brown, brogue shoe boots teamed with my pink and caramel knee high argyle socks and cropped jeans. Oh I have missed you! I bought them from my new shoe shop discovery Aerosoles that was across the street from my daily NYC coffee shop. The novelty of having my really good black boots is wearing off but just being able to wear different jewellery every day to go with what I’m wearing is a joy each morning

The day I bought the Aerosoles

Again it’s the small things but each time I use something I haven’t seen for a couple of years it feels brand new. Obviously I have had to buy and/or acquire lots of new things but a lot has been trashed, taken to charity or is ready for selling.

I’m going to be like this for a few weeks yet and then again when my new bedroom and lounge storage furniture arrives. Then I will see everything back in place.


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