Movie: The Fighter

I’m hoping this is just a little glitch and movies don’t go the same way as last year, down the pan after a good start. The Fighter was the only thing I vaguely want to see this week.

This time based on a just a ‘true story’ rather than ‘incredible true story ‘ as several others in the last few weeks, it’s the story of 1990’s boxer, Micky Ward (Mark Wahlberg), younger brother by a decade of his hero, boxer Dicky Eklund  (Christian Bale) from small town America. Having looked up to him as a youngster, Micky has long put up with his older sibling’s brashness, drug addiction and general cockiness whilst his family hold him as a local hero and live of his earnings. Now the time has come for Micky to bring home the family bacon and he does his best by his family of nine, bleach blonde, chain smoking siblings along with his potty mouthed, mini-skirted, white-heeled mother.

This is all until he meets Charlene (Amy Adams) who can see that his family do not have Micky’s best interests at heart and encourages him to take an offer of sponsorship from a local business man. This means he can train full time and finally he starts winning fights. This doesn’t go down too well with his trainer, Dicky, but he is busy serving time for assaulting several police officers amongst his 27 charges. That doesn’t stop Micky taking his advice and winning a major fight and so they resume their partnership, after some argy bargy, upon his release.

What gripped me from the start of this film is the acting of each and every one; it’s simply outstanding and whilst the trailer trashiness grated on me heavenly, that doesn’t detract from and superbly made film.

Watch if you liked Rocky Bilbao (the only Rocky I’ve seen) or even The Blind Side


Smile factor 7/10


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