TV Premiere: Boardwalk Empire

Readers of this blog will know how much I detest Sky and begrudgingly had to have their services when I found out Virgin didn’t supply my home.

So when a freebie preview came along, I felt it’s about time they did something to compensate for weeks of phone calls and emails only to still not have broadband installed.

Though I mute/fast forward adverts, even I haven’t missed the fact that Sky are launching a new channel, Sky Atlantic, which I gather will be showing all the good stuff from over there.

Boardwalk Empire is one of them, set in the prohibition era in Atlantic City (or at least that’s what I hoped based on the name) starting Steve Buscemi as corrupt politician/criminal/womaniser, Nucky Thompson. So far, the only thing knew about this story line is that it’s set in New Jersey which I have to say is the draw for me.

We arrive dutifully early at the Odeon to be greeted by one of those guys dressed in old fashioned cinema outfits, as is often the custom here. I like that about the Odeon as we never see that in the ultra modern Cineworld. We gleefully accept our free popcorn and take out seats in a theatre. It’s only around 50% filled which surprises me since it’s been overtly hyped.

Empire Boardwalk is slick as you’d expect from Scorsese, who made one of all time favourites, Goodfellows and has been trying to make another version every since.

It’s interesting have it set in the 20s just as prohibition becomes law but so far full of the cliques, a hit on an abusive husband of the pregnant wife that Nucky has taken a shine to leading to body found in river and gratuitous nakedness. I’m still wondering why the woman threw of her clothes for a full frontal after  being thrown out of the bed by Nucky when taking an important phone call.

I didn’t stay for the second instalment, 3 hours in the cinema is way too much time so I missed the goodie bags that were being set up for the exit. My friend stayed and reported that she is not sure of either Empire Boardwalk or the cheap goodie bags.

I will watch the second episode when it comes to TV to give it a chance. Only because it’s Scorsese.


Smile factor 6/10


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