Movie: Morning Glory

This is definitely one of those hectic weeks that need a silly comedy at the end of it.

Having said that, surely Harrison Ford is only going to appear in a half decent comedy, right?

There are two main stories; Rachel McAdams plays the hard working TV producer, Becky, looking for a big break. Having being fired, upon arriving at her new job at the 4th best morning TV show ‘Daybreak’ desperate for ratings (sound familiar?) is looking for the solution to halt the slide.

The solution it turns out is Harrison Ford, Mike being paid for the remaining years on his contract after his news show was cancelled, mainly playing golf and complaining. As a respected news guy, the gruff Mike is reluctant to co anchor morning TV with Colleen (Diane Keaton) which ‘doesn’t do news’ but mostly stories on how to make the perfect cookie.

Our intrepid Senior Producer, who lives and breathes work finds a loophole in his contract that states he has to take whatever work he is offered and so follows a frustrating time as he does everything in his power to avoid covering silly stories and campaigns to report on serious news.

It is a throwaway comedy but not in an annoying slapdash way.

7½/10     Smile factor 9½/10


One thought on “Movie: Morning Glory

  1. We saw the poster in the cinema when we went to see It’s Kinda A Funny Story a few weeks ago and I went home and watched the trailer. I liked it but who know’s if it’ll get shown at Bedford

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