Music Monday: W is for Wah!

Ok, I’m guessing Wah! have some sort of record for number of the band names; Wah Heat, Shambeko Say Wha!,  The Mighty Wah! and Wah! (any more?) So I’ve putthem under W as there aren’t that many bands starting with W and the band is lead by Pete Wylie.

c1982, they were one of my (many) best bands on the planet and I loved it when they broke through onto TOTP.

1. Remember

2. Story of the Blues (wow, Phil Spector had nothing on this)

3. Come Back

Bonus track. The Year of Decision (a genius cover and always reminds me of my year of decison 1981. Gosh seems like a lifetime ago)

More on Pete Wylie “Part time rock star, full time legend”


2 thoughts on “Music Monday: W is for Wah!

  1. Come Back was one of my favourite chart tracks of the 80s.

    I remember buying the 12″ single, which carried the “Holiday Romance remix” and the extended “Devil In Miss Jones” version, which was essentially an over-the-top instrumental synth epic. Fabulous.

    Still got it actually. Probably a bit crackly now.

    Story Of The Blues was also given the big production treatment. There was a definite Walker Brothers thing going around Liverpool at the time. The Icicle Works were another lot doing that sort of thing.

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