Why give up things in January?

January Blues, post Christmas, Winter blues, frowning babyApart from the day I take down my once beautiful Christmas tree, I don’t feel the January blues the way some people seem to.

I love Christmas; it’s a definite high point for me and by that I mean the whole of December rather than just the big day so by rights, I should feel a post-festivities come down. In addition, I have one of my holidays during Christmas week so I should be feeling post holiday blues too.

And yet, I only have positivity racing through me as I face the harsh January. New Year, show me what you got.

To me January is a fresh new start, a chance to wipe the slate clean. It’s an excuse to stay in; a month of reading, writing, researching, deciding, planning and plotting.

To this end, I am amazed at why so many people choose this bleak month to give up things they love to do the things they dislike. I’m talking about the G word and the D word*

Ways to make January work for you

January blues, winter blues, ChristmasReplace your Christmas decorations with something else. If you are looking to buy new furniture or refurbishing a room, this is great time to do so. At the very least fill your house with flowers or if flowers is not your bag change the curtains, cushions, bed linens, towels; whatever helps put a little extra spring in your step.

Book a holiday. If taking January off to go to sunny climes or skiing is a little extravagant, spend ages planning your big holiday for the year.

Don’t hate me but I tend to lose weight at Christmas rather than put it on. How? For one, my stomach doesn’t get any larger so I can’t fit anymore in December than I can during the other eleven months. More likely it’s because I go on holiday and on my holidays, I tend to walk a lot. Everywhere. This Christmas, my mission to walk along undiscovered lanes in Verona did the trick. But that’s just me.

We all want to treat ourselves at Christmas so why not cut down during October and November? That way you have Christmas to look forward to and you can indulge in comfort food in January too.

Throw a party in the middle of the month or have a dinner party every weekend. All that time spent with your friends enjoying good food and wine will mean the month will whizz by without you noticing.

Wear bright colours or at least something other than black. In fact, see how long you can go without wearing black. The bonus here is that everyone is cheered up by having bright colours around.  Or just invest in a coat or umbrella in a cheery pattern or colour.

January blues, winter blues, Christmas, yellowGo away each weekend to see fun friends or beloved (obviously) relatives.

Ladies (and men) book into a spa, have a massage, get your hair cut or at very least have a pampering day at home.

Make January the month when you start to do all the things you want to do; painting, singing, learning a language, reading, start writing a book (that old chestnut), dance class, picking up PC skills or horse riding.  If it’s something you want to do, now is the time.

Have a sparkling 2011!

*Gym & Diet


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