What I Don’t Get Is…

No Riots

I was out of the country when the expenses scandal first started and when I came back, I expected absolute outrage. This is the money we all have been paying for most of our adult lives, entrusted to those who govern us who have then squandered it for their own gain. I expected, marches, rioting and strikes. I got some mumblings but mostly all the expenses scandal has done is given a couple of years of material to comedians.

However, when the government changed the way in which university education is funded, something that only affects those who decide to have further education, there are riots. I don’t understand

Sarah Palin

For the first time, I heard her speak the other day. It was her Oprah interview and the background noise to my taking the Christmas tree down. It hasn’t changed my opinion one bit and Ms Winfrey was, as customary, is pretty soft on her.

Sadly, a big chunk of middle America resonates with her. That says more about middle America than Mrs Palin.

Why the UK can’t cope with snow

Yes that old chestnut and I absolutely don’t buy the argument that we’re not a snowy country. We’ve been saying that for a few winters now. Wake up and smell the snow. People don’t seem to have any idea on how much money the country loses in trade for every ‘snow day’ that they relish. Furthermore some people do actually want to carry on working/ shopping/playing and generally keeping life going.

I don’t see why we have to ’put up and shut up’ as a caller recently said on Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine show. We pay our taxes for clear roads, just as we do for emergency services.

Just invest in some ploughs (I’m looking at you Heathrow Airport), gritters (councils) and get on with it. The snow is clearly here to stay so let’s enjoy White Christmases without the country coming to a complete standstill.

Reality TV

I have no curiosity for strangers’ lives at the best of times so why other people do will always be beyond me. Everyone complains and yet everyone watches it.

Cheryl Cole

Again, it’s beyond me. Nation’s sweetheart? Which nation?


Music to commit suicide too.

Unreliable People

I always say it’s a lot easier to stick with plans than change them. I cannot understand why one human being can let down another. It’s unfathomable and unsociable. 

Why drivers stop

This is when crossing a side street, I wait while a slow car comes to the end of the road so I can cross after it passes. But it decides not to come to the end of the road, instead it slows down just before the end and I wonder

1 Has he run out of gas

2 Has he forgotten how to drive

3 Does he want to me to cross

It drives me absolutely crazy to the point of violence. Keep going, take those 2 extra seconds as I have waited for you this long, it will make no difference to me. Don’t flash me – I’m not looking. Just keep bloody going.

Absolutely infuriating.

End of rant; as you were


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