Music Monday: V is for the Verve

It’s very easy to choose which tracks, they are all from one of the finest albums this country has ever produced.

The harder thing is putting them in order.  Here goes;

1. Lucky Man

2. Sonnet

3. Bittersweet Symphony

The Verve Discography

The Verve websiteThe-Verve-Urban-Hymns musicmonda


2 thoughts on “Music Monday: V is for the Verve

  1. It’s definitely in my Top Ten albums of all time by bands whose names begin with V.
    It’s actually my third favourite Verve album, but there you go.

    In all seriousness (because it’s music and we must be) when Urban Hymns came out I thought it was fantastic. I felt it brilliantly put the Gallagher brothers in their place during the days of the BritPop empire.

    It was such a shame that, having reached a peak (in terms of popularity and sales) after years of creativity, Richard Ashcroft then disappeared up his own arse.

    Anyway, Rickie, have you thought about where to go next with Music Monday after Z? It’d be shame to see it end.
    Looking forward to W

    • Thanks!
      I did go back and go through the previous albums but couldnt find anything to top these. I think the whole album is brilliant, everyone’s a winner as they say. It was a shame, I don’t think they came back as strong last year but I did buy the first Ashcroft solo album. I cannot stand Oasis – can’t look past all the packaging to hear the music. I was certainly a Blur girl!
      I’m def going to start A-Z again as so many letters can have have 2-3 artists by them but will struggle with others. Then I may have genre A-Z which will be obscure at times!
      It will be a lot easier when I have my CD collection back very soon (long, painful story, but all my stuff has been in NYC for 18mths) as I’ve done everything so far by memory & checking on U Tube. Can’t wait to be surrounded by CDs again!

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