Latte = milk

Latte is not ‘Italian coffee’, it is just Italian for milk. Italian coffee is cappuccino for the mornings and espresso for any time you like.

I just want to clear that up.

Yes you can have coffee with latte but is this not an American invention, like all the other Americanisms that are trending in the UK?
Don’t get me started on cupcakes (fairy cakes) and apartments (flats).

My belief is that the latte was invented by an Italian in America as the espresso is too strong for the American palate and for most of us probably. So we can call it American but not pass it off as Italian. If you ask for a latte in Italy you’ll get exactly that; milk.

Just like in France we have cafe au lait but we don’t go around asking for that in the UK, we just say ‘coffee with milk’ please.

Rant over.


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