Movie – Unstoppable

I had no idea what this movie was about before I saw it but…..

I know, I start so many reviews like that but it’s most often the case when I see a preview, especially when it’s a last minute decision. To top it all we were a few minutes late but thankfully, they let us in.

So all I know is that Denzel Washington is in it. The opening scenes (that I saw) had him driving a train begrudging the young upstart who has just started; he now has to work with.

My first instinct, that this is going to be like ‘Speed’, which I’ve never seen is not entirely correct. Apparently this is based on real life events about a runaway, un-manned train that is clearly heading into danger unless someone stops it. For ‘someone’ read ‘Denzel Washington’.

There isn’t anyone on the train (that’s the point) so there are no passengers in danger, more the dangerous goods on board and the populated towns that the train is heading furiously through.

The twists (oh I love those twists) include the conflict between the widowed veteran train engineer with teenage daughters working at Hooters to get through college and the newbie (Chris Pine) with a recently estranged wife and child. Then there’s the corporate suits who don’t want the publicity from a forced derailment and the [operations manager] (Rosario Dawson) who thinks that’s a bad decision.

Of course they were wrong and by now the media are following the train along with Denzel and co.
A surprisingly good movie but I never understood why someone couldn’t just jump out of helicopter onto the train and climb to the front.
7½/10 Smile factor 8/10


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