Movie – The Kids are All Right

I really wasn’t going to bother reviewing this movie as it doesn’t warrant space on this blog.

It’s by no means a bad film, I just don’t enjoy viewing it.

It has the makings of a good film, actors and storyline both sound promising but I don’t warm to a single one of the five main characters.

The two children of a lesbian couple are curious to find their sperm donor father now that one of them is of age. A notion I find most odd if he is just a sperm donor and not an active participant in child breeding. Indeed an adoption took place but then I’ve never been in that position so have no idea what it may feel like.

The ‘two Moms’ at the heart of it (the excellent Annette Bening and Julianne Moore) are both irritating . The combination of the controlling doctor (Bening) and the less confident unsuccessful business starter (Moore) does seem to work but clearly all is not rosy.
(The adults are all appear likeable at the start and then they start screwing up. Literally.  The teens are teens and so by their very nature are not there to be liked in the first place.

The acting and production are great and it has some funny moments but I guess I just don’t like the story.

5/10     Smile factor 6/10


2 thoughts on “Movie – The Kids are All Right

  1. I don’t think you get what a sperm donor is… A sperm donor just donates his sperm. Then, women who do not have a male partner buy the sperm (after selecting the candidate they like the best through a written survey of the sperm donor) and impregnate themselves with it. The mom’s never met the sperm donor, unless it is an open case, when the kids contact the sperm donor at 18. The character Paul never even knew someone had ever even bought his sperm…until his daughter called.

    I liked the movie. I don’t think I have to love a character… In fact, I love it when I find myself really liking a character, but then the character turns around and does something despicable. It is such a fun duality… I hate it when characters are too nice, too funny, too perfect, and too predictable to “do the right thing.” Boring.

  2. Thanks for your comment.
    That’s the bit I don’t get – if the donor is anonymous, why the kids would want to find out about him but as I say, never been in that position where you don’t know who your father is so in no place to judge.
    Love how you remember the character names – can’t remember a single one!!

    I see what you mean about not loving a character but there has to be something there. eg I love love love the ‘Devil’ in Devil Wears Prada & she’s portrayed as horrid – but I like her!

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