Adventures in Birmingham: OxJam Oct 16th 10

OxJam: Takeover

OxJam music live music music monday Birmingham

Today I finally participate in an OxJam event; the OxJam Takeover

“40 bands, 6 venues, 1 great cause”

Still relatively new to Birmingham and not knowing many fellow musos, the £4 advanced ticket enables me to sell the idea to some of my new friends. Surprised but delighted that all 5 of my spare tickets are snapped up we meet at the Yardbird to collect our ’bracelets’ and listen to the first band whilst standing in gorgeous October sunshine.

I was keen to visit the Flapper as I’d heard it was a great little live venue. Apart from my request to see Tom Peel at the Victoria later, we all agree to go with the flow and haven’t bothered to read up on any of the bands beforehand.

We are told on entering the Flapper the first band is ‘quite rocky’ and as they set up on stage, I feel they have the look. Had we done our homework, one of our group wouldn’t have had a near heart attack as they launch loudly into their set. Scouting for Girls are ‘quite rocky’ Soni-quella are some kind of metal. I’m happy with most types of metal but not the kind where vocals are barked and not sung but that’s just me. The music is good and they seem like a nice bunch of young boys.

We then have a little folksy reprieve across the road at The Prince of Wales with Mike Smith although I don’t think they really know OxJam is going on before we head across town to some poetry (Jodi Ann Bickley) at Cafe Blend. Neil Ward, the soloist that follows is great and I melt comfortably into my chair give his tunes due attention. It is a shame only a few can actually see the stage but it is good place to hear some soft tunes and you know I’m a big fan of live music in coffee shops.

Of course all day I’m looking forward to seeing my first live music at the Victoria and more particularly Tom Peel. I’m pleased to catch the last couple of tracks from Savant beforehand but Mr Peel did live up to the hype and creates the highlight of the day. A few of us have been out since 24 Carrots Farmers market at JQT this morning so we don’t make it to Island Bar but I’ve been there before anyway. Today is about giving us a taste of a few more of Brum’s little live venues.

More OxJam takeovers please, next time they’ll be 12 of us. At least.

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