Music Monday: L is for Lone Justice

Lone Justice arrived from LA

in the mid 1980s and blew me away.  Vocalist Maria McKee is probably my all time favourite female voice although there are not many that I like.

Is it country? Is it rock? It’s both with a mass of other musical influences thrown in.

1 Sweet Sweet Baby (album 1)

2 Ways to Be Wicked (album 1) Co written by Tom Petty who’s indluence is all over Lone Justice

3 Reflected (album 2)

4 I Found Love (album 2) both of these have gospel choir tones

5 Wheels (album 2) a rare slow one for me

The second album was produced by the E Street Band’s very own Steven Van Zandt and I love the big Springsteen-esque sound of it.

Maria McKee of course went on as a solo artist after the band disbanded most totally with ‘Show Me Heaven’ and also writing ‘A Good Heart’ for Feargal Sharkey.

Album info

Lone Justice Maria McKee music

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