Adventures in Birmingham – Cherry Ghost

Cherry Ghost Shoreline

Cherry Ghost : Beneath this Burning Shoreline

Cherry Ghost, live review

Seeing Cherry Ghost is like going on holiday; as soon as the gig is over, I want to book the next one.
That’s what happened when I saw the band of the moment (since 2007) this summer supporting The Coral. It wasn’t enough watching them do a short set but I knew they’d be doing their own tour to support the new album. I am still in love with the release from 2007, ‘Thirst for Romance’ so haven’t got used to this year’s release yet.
The gig was a mix of the two with the old ones going down extremely well. I met a few people seeing the band for the first time but there wasn’t much comment exchanging going on as I stood mesmerised by the soft melodic tunes.
A guy at the bar mentioned that he didn’t know what the band looked like which is true as they don’t use many photos and I said the exact same thing when I saw them last time. Talking of the bar, I got my water free; it seems the O2 don’t charge for it which is hugely refreshing (excuse the pun).
Later we realise the young lady in front of us was a reviewer, for the Times it turns out, picking the long straw to come and see them in Birmingham. We, as hospitable Brummies (and one adopted Brummie) invited her for a drink afterwards at the Victoria, another first for me.
After which, I go home to nurse my oncoming cold but nothing would have prevented me from making the dash back from London to see this gig tonight.
When’s the next one?
Cherry Ghost



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