Today at Cafe Blend – Adventures in Birmingham

September 20th 2010

My fondness for Urban Coffee Co is very well documented. Nevertheless, particularly when I’m having a full on writing day (that is a short day with two breaks) the day is generally more productive with a change of scene so 2-3 coffee shops is ideal.

In Glasgow and Edinburgh where until now I have gone for all my full on booking writing jaunts it’s easy as each has two or three of the fabulous Bean Scenes plus a couple of other places for lunch. In Birmingham, as yet, there is only one Urban so when I’m recommended Cafe Blend by two people, I decide to go and investigate.

My first guess that this is going to pricier because it’s opposite Harvey Nicholls is correct.


Con – View is the car park opposite and it’s on a very busy road near a very busy New Street Station

Pro – nice vibe

Con – Unsatisfactory service; I’m assuming the young lady was an untrained student but the words ‘hello’, ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ didn’t trouble her lips once. My planned greeting of ‘here you are, I’ve heard all about you!’ seemed inappropriate. The student never offered me any choice and I was automatically served a small coffee.

Pro – they offer NY cheesecake

Con – they don’t stock Kissme CupCakes (but hopefully will do soon)

Pro – I love the comfortable bench seating with a table by the window. It’s a huge plus to have comfort and a desk

Con – the coffee is average but I get used to it

Pro or Con – Cafe Blend is way too close to Harvey Nicks

2 thoughts on “Today at Cafe Blend – Adventures in Birmingham

  1. I’m probably a bit of a coffee shop snob but I do find that most of them make the fatal mistake of employing people who probably don’t drink coffee let alone appreciate that making great coffee is an art. Plus most have no idea about customer service and customer loyalty. Once we find one that is consistent and offers good service we will be loyal customers.

    Someone should tell them about the lifetime value of a customer – if you pay £10 for two and you go in every week for a year that is £520 – if you go to that place for say 5 years that makes the lifetime value £2600. Might make them think about being a bit more polite to people .

    • Thanks for your comment.
      That’s why I love Urban; coffee is the best, everyone is welcoming, everyone knows my name and within a week, new staff know my drink!
      I know for a fact the management only recruit people who love coffee – it’s a start!
      Can’t wait for them to open another one and then I’ll rarely have to go anywhere else again!

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