Jelly in Birmingham

What: Jelly is an event for solo workers to come together to work and chat. I attended a few Jellies when I was in NYC a couple of years ago. We had them in people’s apartments there and once in a shoe show room over-looking Central Park! It was essentially an apartment used as a showroom and not something I have come across in Birmingham as yet. Only in New York….
Just bring your laptop, grab a coffee and get to work in a lovely friendly atmosphere with like-minded people.

Why: Because it doesn’t exist and Birmingham needs a place for Jellyheads© to come together every now and again.

Who: freelancers, home workers, solopreneurs, small business owners, field workers – in fact, everyone is welcome to drop in.

When: Next dates

  • Tuesday 1st February – Church Street
  • Friday 11th  February  – JQT
  • Friday 11th March – JQT
  • Friday 1st April – JQT
  • Friday May 13th – JQT
  • Friday June 10th – JQT
  • Friday Aug 12th – JQT

From 9am onwards or you can get there earlier and have breakfast with the daily papers.

Where: Urban Coffee Co JQT (Big Peg) 

Feel free to come and put your laptop down then go grab a drink.

How: RSVP to me or via Twitter @RickieWrites

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25 thoughts on “Jelly in Birmingham

    • Thanks for your comment.
      Not been to Moseley but I believe it’s a hot desking place.

      Main difference is Jelly is free! It’s very simple; bunch of people coming in to work from coffee shop (or wherever) rather than sitting at home on their own. Poeple can drop in any time, open laptop (or whatever) and carry on working but with some people around them.

      Chance to have banter, swap tips, get dressed for ‘work’ every once in a while

  1. if you like Jelly and want to do it more than once a month then I can recommend Moseley Exchange which operates on the same lines. Its not just hot desking – its the people that make the difference – a mixture of creatives including architects, designers, film makers, theatre producers and a sprinkling of entrepreneurs – we even have a professional bird watcher! Free trial passes allow 5 free visits and Wednesday lunchtime is a coworking networking lunch, and friday morning is coffee & cake networking for members and guests… check it out :

  2. Hi James, Yes I get the Moseley Exchange mentioned a lot and in fact promote the free trials at Jelly. I run a similar business at my old offices four years ago. Ahead of my time and lost a bit of money on it too!
    I wouldn’t really go myself as I stick to where I can walk to in town. I will make the Friday cake thing one day though! We don’t run Jelly monthly yet – it’s just too much work for me to fit in. Once it’s established, we can do that. I am going to try to alternate between the two Urbans next year, first one is Fri 14th Jan at new Urban JQ.
    We’ll try that and then run the city one on a Tuesday in Feb. Hope to see you at one soon!

    • Oh I’m so pleased! I went to Jelly when I was in New York so trying to replicate that here. Used to be very easy going there, no formality or ‘tickets’ so I’m keeping to that format. Remember to put your Jelly onto the UK Jelly website when you’re ready

  3. Wasn`t aware that Jelly existed until last week when I did a `Google` search.
    Unfortunately I can`t just pick up my Desktop PC and come along. Although love the idea of having someone around when I`m working.

    • Hi Sue, Is there any work you can save up to do that doesn’t require a PC, research, brain storming etc? Something perhaps we can help with too? Or just come and say hi and meet everyone!

  4. What a fab idea. Was feeling quite despondent and a little overwhelmed having just been told that I’m to be made redundant. Think that this could be the pick me up I need to pull myself together and get back out there.Can you add me to your mailing list please and I’ll try to get to the next Jelly meet.

    • Glad we can help perk you up! Are you thinking of start ng a business? If so, you may want to come to Entreprenuers Club at Urban CS on last Weds of the month. Let me know if you need details.

  5. Sounds really cool! I live close to the Jewellery Quarter so might pop round in May. Can you tell me a bit more about it – how many people do you get attending, how is is structured etc?

    Also, on a similar note I’ve set up a group on Posterous to help encourage freelancers in the West Midlands to join up and become something like a hub. You can check it out at!/


    • Thanks Ravi, will see you there. Nothing more to tell really, you turn up, open laptop, grab a drink and work and chat. Numbers vary and there is no structure. People come and go but most come first thing and filter away by late lunchtime.

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