Music Monday – G is for GUN

Gun, otherwise known as the best band in the world

Oh wow, it’s impossible to choose so my all time fave has to be:

Don’t Say It’s Over

The other four for this week, subject to change each week


  • Inside Out
  • Seems Like I’m Losing You
  • Something to Believe in
  • The Feeling Within

They reformed 2 years ago with a new singer. It’s not a patch on having the orginal it’s one thing to lose anyone else in the band (although I’d still be gutted) but to have the voice change surely changes to whole sound.

However, because I love them so I’m looking out for some live dates – outside Glasgow that is – so I can decide for myself.

Gun website


Just found out the replacement singer has left and one of the original members has taken over vocals!

He fronted another fave band of mind, El Presidente who I also developed a stalker-like personality for

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