Movie – Grown Ups

Not a film that appeals to me if something better is on. For a start I’m not the world’s biggest Adam Sandler fan and this smacks of boys toilet humour but Chris Rock should make a difference.

There is some of that but rare for a comedy of this kind, you know, the type that’s meant to make you feel good, there are laughs all the way. No sad bits allowed.

Five guys who were in a championship winning basketball team as kids are all in same room together as they reach middle age. The room being a church as this is the funeral of their much loved and respected coach.

They are now a hot shot Hollywood agent married to model-esque fashion designer wife, a house husband, a recently unemployed family man, the four times married spiritual being and the token single guy. Between them they have a brood of kids ranging from spoilt Hollywood brats, the four year old who still breast feeds to the estranged but re-surfaced for this story, long lost fully grown (ahem) daughters of the multiple married short guy.
What’s planned as a one night stay over at the old lodge house ends up being several days where, obviously, the grown-ups bond, the kids become less spoilt and the four year old still breast feeds.

Maya Rudolph plays a pregnant lady again in this. The last time I saw her she was pregnant in my favourite film of 2009, Away We Go so I will watch her in anything now, if only I can remember her name.
Grown Ups is so much better that I had hoped and well worth a watch.

7½/10 Smile factor 9/10

Stop Press: I read Maya Rudolph is Minnie Riperton’s daughter! Known for the track ‘Loving You’.


3 thoughts on “Movie – Grown Ups

  1. I saw the trailer for it and wasn’t sure about it – I’m still not that sure about it but I might see it – I can always leave part way through if it’s really bad lol. (Breastfeeding is always questionable over a certain age but it’s up to the parent I guess)

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