John Barrowman – Tonight’s the Night

I do love Barrowman in a kitsch, Saturday night, camp it up variety show kind away. He’s absolutely made for Tonight’s The Night and its perfect Saturday night watching.

Even though I make sure I’m home for Match of the Day, I’m not always around for this or for the brilliant John Bishop’s Britain. It’s a shame they have both finished after filling our summer perfectly. I can’t imagine how BBC are going to top that for the reportedly more popular autumn schedule.

I watched both on the way back from Glasgow, being too tired to write or in fact read. Tonight’s the Night is car crash TV, I’m cringing as I watch and hoping the strangers on the train who I will never see again, don’t notice. John Bishop’s Britain at least still has some credibility, despite his catastrophic rise to mainstream, prime time TV, by his own humble admission, almost overnight.

But back to Barrowman; what makes me cringe is not his outlandish disguises when surprising people but by this question afterwards: ‘Did you think this may happen’ or more specifically, ‘did you think that your family would rehearse the Mama Mia routine and surprise you with it at your own wedding reception’. Yes of course we all hope for that at weddings but if hardly ever – never happens!


God love him.


2 thoughts on “John Barrowman – Tonight’s the Night

  1. I watched it last week end but skipped some of the bits – like his cover of I’ve Got A Feeling by Black Eyed Peas – that was a car crash lol. On the other hand the drama teacher who did All That Jazz was good 🙂

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