Don’t Dream it’s over; Final Part

I kept it quiet, in fact I still haven’t told any of my friends I’ve been, but on Monday 23rd August, I attended an appointment at the American Embassy to reapply for my tourist visa. 

My best friend knew, as she made the appointment for me from her landline (£1.20 per minute, spent approximately £40 on 3 phone calls in addition to cost of visa application, visa photo, police check + photo, transport to London, day off etc). I started to application process back in May.

A couple of days before, I met someone who went through the exact same thing, although her partner came over to the UK and they had a civil partnership. Later that evening I told a newer friend but those are the only three that knew/know.

It’s just over a year since the last application, I have a job and my own place, 2 of their criteria fulfilled. The other was to be married and have children but I feel that’s drastic change in lifestyle just to have 2-3 visits to the US each year.

The day is shorter and faster than last year’s visit:

  • 10.10 Arrive
  • 10.30 Appointment (last one of the day)
  • 10.20 Seated after the 4 external checks before entering the building
  • 11.30 Called to reception to check forms
  • Called back twice to complete yet another form
  • 1.30pm Coffee is cleared away and there are 6 people left in the hall after lunch time. 4 interviewers are still working.
  • 2.45 2 of us left, I’m called to interview.
  • 2.52 Denied again. Interviewer doesn’t see sense in applying again; maybe wait 2-3 years for the next time.

“The suspicions have been aroused” by my extended stay, despite me NEVER overstaying, going there numerous times over 20 years and never breaking any law.

All I have to do know is figure out how I can get all my belongings collected and packed from two different NYC locations and returned to me. I can’t wait to have everything back.

The end.

4 thoughts on “Don’t Dream it’s over; Final Part

  1. GRRR! Thats soooo rubbish!!! I get why they might be strict about letting people etc if they are questionable – but how are you even remotely questionable? The fact that you’ve been away and done most of what they asked don’t they get that it’s a bit deal?!

  2. I know, but it’s only going to get worse – I hear they have set up random check points on Canadian border. Anyone would think ‘we’re’ at war.

    The issue now is getting my stuff back. Going to cost a fortune to get someone to pack it and I won’t even get a holiday out of doing it myself! I have no idea how I’m going to arrange the logistics of it. Next weeks challenge to tackle me thinks

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