London Men

I read an article in the Evening Standard, in the ‘Healthy & Beauty’ section by Michele Gorman entitled ‘Why I Love London Men’.

London men apparently are more laid back, compared to the Americans, she says because of the long working hours there. She goes on comparing the two in (typical) American fashion; London (population 8m) and America (pop 300 mill):

London men would rather spend an hour with their friends than another hour in the office.

They open the door for us confidently without awkwardness.

They give us their coat when we’re cold, hold our umbrellas and walk on the outside of the pavement nearest the traffic.

They aren’t afraid to accessorise with man bags

They pay us compliments.

Ms Gorman goes on to say it’s displaying charming manners when taxi drivers call us ‘love’ and change is returned with ‘cheers darlin’ and concludes that London men heed a strict code of conduct when it comes to women, which this American thinks may be the consequence of queuing.

And there’s more.

All I’d like to know is who are these men that walk on the outside of the pavement? Whitmore I’m not particularly keen on men accessorising with man bags but if he has to carry his stuff in one, then fine. Is there anyone out there who thinks it’s ‘charming’ to be called ‘love’ by a taxi driver? Acceptable yes but charming? Charming would be to call us ‘Madam’ surely.

Oh and how does one compare every American man to those in one city in England?


One thought on “London Men

  1. I get customers all call me love, darlin, or mate lol. The funniest is when you get northerners call you Duck (my Great Grandad is a Bedfordian through and through and yet he calls me Duck lol)

    Not sure about the man bag thing lol. Messenger bag/laptop case yes okay thats cool but man bag that you keep random junk in just in case you need it that doesn’t count lol.

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