8 predictable scenes in action movies

In celebration of the release of what has to be the mother of all action movies, The Expendables.

  1. The bad guys only come at the good guy one at time. They duly wait their turn to be seriously hurt and/or killed
  2. The token girl will scream irritatingly
  3. The big fight scene after the hero sees of his all his assailants goes outside just as it’s starts pouring with rain.
  4. The token girl/wimp will be unable to follow simple instructions in order to stay alive i.e. ‘stay here, don’t move’ but somehow they always survive.
  5. A weapon will always be made available to the good guy at the very last moment and not a second before.
  6. There will be a wife/mistress/daughter kidnapped but never a male person that matters
  7. The bad guys always get their comeuppance. The good guy always survives, even if he as lost everything that matters.
  8. A body thrown from the roof will always land on a car. Not next to it, not on the pavement, not behind it but perfect onto it.

I’m sure you’ll think of more?

NB No 5 in the Expendables but none of the others – brilliant!

The Expendables



2 thoughts on “8 predictable scenes in action movies

  1. We went to see The Sorcerer’s Apprentice yesterday which was good and wasn’t too predictable.

    They tend to kidnap the girl to tug on the Male hero’s heartstrings lol.

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