National Obsession – make up trends around the country

I read in Style (Sunday Times) that different cities have varing trends:
Newcastle – brightly coloured eyeliner, blue and green popular inside the rims with lots of black mascara just in case you didn’t notice the eyes
Liverpool – like their gloss, complete with lip liner (gosh, very Jordan) for a bigger mouth. They like the old black eye liner too and generally take their time learning make-up techniques.
Manchester – Manc ladies like flawless skin so full coverage matt foundation is popular. Bright lipsticks in red and pink sell well too.
Birmingham – Brummie ladies apparently like nude lips. Well I’m the right place then although that’s been a favoruite of mine for a few years. I can pretend I bought the look here. On the other hand, they like their layers of caked-on mascara too, a look I definitely don’t go for but they keep the rest of the eyes light so all very pretty.
Bristol – Bristolians like the black eyeliner and big mascara too but they like getting the base right so Laura Mervier’s tinted moisturiser is a best seller here.
London – On the one hand they say they are more open on the other hand they like the natural look. Lip liner has made a comeback though. Perhaps London is just to big to have one trend – everything goes.

Anyone care to comment from these cities?


3 thoughts on “National Obsession – make up trends around the country

  1. You are so right, but I am desperately going to be looking to see if these trends are accurate around the country. In London this week, so far can’t see a particular trend so maybe they are right!

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