8 advantages of working from home (published by Enterprise Nation)

Following last week’s #watercoolermoment here are 7 (light hearted) advantages of working from home.

  1. Let’s start with what most conventionally employed people always say – you can wear what you want. Realistically, most of still get dressed for work but many probably start on the emails whilst still in our PJs.
  2. We have flexible hours. Of course we need to be available to clients and colleagues during ‘normal business hours’ but we still have a degree of flexibility. Have BlackBerry, have freedom.
  3. My personal favourite is we can have what we want to eat. I’ve never been a sandwich person so to be able to make scrambled eggs on toast, an egg muffin or bagel and cream cheese in less than 5 minutes is a massive perk. No 45 minutes out of the middle of the day to walk down to the shops, wait in the lunch hour queues and walk all the way back only to then eat at the desk. That’s not even a break.
  4. Being able to put the washing on and out. It takes you away from the screen for a few minutes, clears your mind a little and it’s one less thing to do tonight.
  5. Save on commuting time and stress. A no-brainer.
  6. Not feeling guilty for being on Twitter as it’s our lifeline to the outside world and quite frankly a support system, plus we make loads of contacts and friends.
  7. Talking of Twitter, the 11am #watercoolermoment is what inspired this article. We don’t have to make everyone else a drink just because we want one, as suggested by @fishbowlhq. Of course that means no-one makes it for us but the pros sure outweigh the cons.
  8. A new one: don’t get as many colds as people sharing germs in offices.

 Enterprise Nation


3 thoughts on “8 advantages of working from home (published by Enterprise Nation)

  1. Hi Rickie,

    I just started out as a freelancer, and I can identify with all of the above, especially the bit about checking my emails in my pjs and doing the laundry!

  2. Thanks for comment. I must admit I have stopped the early morning thing, now get properly dressed before I look at BB or switch on laptop!
    Doing the laundry/dishes etc, massive benefit!

    What are you freelancing as?

  3. You’re welcome!

    Well I haven’t fond a ‘niche’ yet as a freelancer. I was recently made redundant from an administraion positon, and ended up finding a few jobs on a site called oDesk. Have you heard of it? The pay isn’t great at the moment, but I’m only just starting out. Hopefully when I get a bit more experience and can develop a good portfolio I can start earning better bucks!!

    I love to write, so am going to try my hand at that soon.Maybe try some technical/content jobs. I’ve been spending the last few days teaching myself SEO and writing techniques.

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