Music Monday: D is for Duran Duran

As, my first favourite band, Duran Duran were life changing so they will always hold the most special place in my musical heart. I would never (I imagine) have come to Birmingham, never mind lived in the city three times if it wasn’t for their introduction.

To pick five from the ‘Fab Five’ (as coined by Rolling Stone magazine) is very hard so I have chosen the five that I would like to see them perform. Others like New Religion, Hold Back the Rain, The Chauffeur, Wild Boys, Union of the Snake, Is There Something I Should Know – oh so many more could easily have made the grade and on another day, they probably will.

Planet Earth – their first single and the track that got me into music in a serious way; as in life changing way.
The Reflex – Re-mixed by the magnificent music God that is Nile Rodgers and so began their beautiful friendship
Sound of Thunder – the first song they wrote together in 1980
Hungry Like The Wolf – trademark ridiculous lyrics that I love them for, outstanding tune
Careless Memories – passed me by at the time but it’s the one I love hearing live

Do you have a different choice?

Duran Duran


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