Live music: The Coral & Cherry Ghost

I’m thrilled to see this gig advertised; two for the price of one. I really like the Coral and have one or two of their albums but I just adore the first Cherry Ghost album from 2007. Every track I heard from it had enthralled me even before I listened to the whole thing, on my way back from a birthday trip to San Francisco thanks to the always brilliant Virgin Atlantic; is there a more perfect airline? I don’t think so.

In preparation, I’m out last weekend to purchase their new album, my first in a year as I’ve kind of decided no more CDs; I may as well begrudgingly go into download territory. It’s hard as I have never been a fan of the tiny CDs that replaced the almost weekly occasion that was ‘buying an album’. Back then, I came home with a large purchase in my hand and devoured the hundreds of sleeve notes and lyrics whilst playing and taping the new vinyl. Nearly all my records are pristine as they have just been played once – and thereafter only listened to on tape.

I discover that I’m a day early for the release, I’m sure Radcliffe & Maconie said it was out in June? As if to compensate, I buy my first ever DVDs (I’ve decided I’m going to buy my top two films of each year – only in the sale. I bought Milk (2008) and Away We Go (2009). Next day, my music geekness is restored as I wait for HMV to open to buy the day’s best new release. And I say that having only heard the single so far.

I feel with their talent and sound, Cherry Ghost should be headlining their own gig of this magnitude so for me, The Coral were the bonus act, despite their longevity through five quality albums. To add to the magic, the gig is taking place in Alexandra Theatre. A theatre!

This is a first for me but somehow it works beautifully. From the third row of the dress circle (I wouldn’t have chosen the location myself) we have a perfect view. Whilst it’s odd to be sitting down at such an event, the mostly melancholy tunes of both bands just seem to fit the chandelier and dusty decor.
The support’s support band (whose name I didn’t catch) matched the harmonious vibe of the two main acts perfectly and set us up for the best new (2006) band for years.

I should play them more often as the minute Cherry Ghost take to the stage; I have that warm fuzzy feeling inside that says all is good in the world, because we have music like this to enrich our lives.
The smile doesn’t go away throughout their short but otherwise perfect set. I just love the vibe and quite frankly they could be reciting their shopping list and the track will still be fantastic. It’s swaying, deeply melodious and haunting at times. In fact, I feel I am in a far away blues club at 4am on a Friday morning not a theatre in the centre of Birmingham on Monday night at 8.30.

I cannot wait to catch them at a headline gig to hear their complete set. I’d pay good money and travel a fair distance for that. 20 minutes walk from my house works just as well though.
What’s more I’m pleasantly surprised to hear The Coral much louder than I foresee as they work through some classics, some early numbers and of course a few from the new (to be purchased – no downloaded) album.

Gosh, next I’ll be replacing by Blackberry with an iThingy.

Cherry Ghost


2 thoughts on “Live music: The Coral & Cherry Ghost

  1. Hello!

    How are you?

    Is Away We Go good then – I saw the trailer and it was on my to be watched list but I never made it to the cinema to see it. (I just got back from the cinema having watched Eclipse)

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