12 things I don’t get but everyone else loves

1. Glee
2. The GaGa woman
3. Reality TV, especially when it features famous people I have never heard off
4. Wanting to be famous for no apparent reason; ’Stars’ spawned from talent shows: Jedward, JLS et all. Talent shows are great for comics, magicians and variety show entertainers but I like my rock n roll via the traditional ‘practised for years in the back bedroom’ route
5. Slebs I have never heard of (i.e. the ex-spouses of slebs I have barely heard off)
6. Harry Potter
7. Gok Wan and the like. Why do so many suddenly need help with what they wear? Everyone wants to be on TV, even the badly dressed and supposedly lacking in confidence but going on TV to tell the world, they can do that no problem.
8. Cheryl Cole
9. British cupcakes. They are fairy cakes with more cream. Lovely as they are and eat them I will, but they are not cupcakes. Can’t we just leave something British?
10. Vampire shows
11. Watching football in pubs. I need to watch it on my own and without discussion or shouting at the man in black. I also want to watch it sober and when there is a major match on, no man is more important than the 22 on the pitch.
12. iPhone / iPad I love gadgets and new technology so if a new & improved version of the iPad comes out that doesn’t show up finger prints on the screen in a couple of years, no doubt I’ll be forced to buy one. Similarly if the iPhone manages to reduce it’s seemingly 1000s of apps so that the battery lasts more than the reported 37 minutes of continuous use, that would be a deal maker too.


5 thoughts on “12 things I don’t get but everyone else loves

  1. Okay my comment was getting a bit long so instead it’s going to be posted on my blog – if thats okay. I’ll be back with a link.

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  3. Hey, hey, hey….I agree with most of this…but iPhones…give ’em a break 😛
    It’s the user’s choice to download said “1000s of apps”…

    also, vampire movies = spawns of twilight or people trying to make $$$from the crazed cant-get-enough twilight set.

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