Movie – Greenberg

I believe this is a first; I watched this movie until almost the end before realising I hadn’t cracked open the obligatory cinema candy.

It is a short film (107 minutes) with Ben Stiller playing a NY carpenter just out from an institution and house sitting for his brother’s family in LA.

A man of few words, rarely of the complimentary kind, he immediately hooks up with his brothers somewhat insecure personal assistant. When I say hook up they have a feeble attempt to have sex before he disappears out of the door without explanation. This episode is repeated during the film and despite the 15 year age gap, she starts developing more than a passing interest.

Add to the mix the reunion with his old college buddies, with some of whom he was in a band that was offered a record deal. However, a few tensions still exist as he was the one that made them turn it down.

The movie moves along at a steady pace with good humour and enough characters to keep you interested.

Quite frankly, if I forgot about eating something for 107 minutes, it must be worth a watch

7½/10 Smile factor 8½/10

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