Led Zeppelin – Best Rock n Roll Band ever?

But you wouldn’t think they happened 30 years ago judging by this weekend.

First I walk in on Saturday evening and switch on BBC2 for the live edition of ‘I’m in a Rock n Roll Band’. I really love this series but haven’t watched a single episode yet; they are all stored on the iplayer waiting for me but I enjoyed the live show much more than I thought I would. It’s nice to see Mark Radcliffe on there. I pretty much nearly always agree with him and even though I knew he would be unkind to Slash, in my eyes one of the best guitarists, he is right. If I was around ten years earlier, I would be all about the Zep too.

Then I fall asleep with a Led Zep gig playing in the background.

I wake up to hear them on Kerrang radio (It was a ‘Kerrang’ type of Sunday morning)

I walk into my coffee shop and they are playing a track too.

It’s an interesting debate between The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Queen as the best band ever.

I would have expected Rolling Stones or The Who to figure despite of and considering the panel are made up of BBC music presenters. And, Jonathan Ross. (Just kidding, you know I love the JR).

Being of a different generation I wouldn’t expect any of my favourite bands to be in the top 10 so I am not too concerned with who won, but was routing for the final winner, Led Zep. Only because, if I had a choice, as I did, there’s would be the music I’d rather listen to, even though I can only name a couple of tracks, if pushed.

I’m thoroughly with the argument that if the Beatles didn’t exist, we wouldn’t have music now as we know it, and for that I admire and respect them. I’m just not keen on their tunes.

As for lead singers the top three are Robert Plant, Freddie Mercury and, wait for it Kurt Cobain. A couple of good tracks does not an all time best singer make. That young TV presenter girlie did not really sell his case by saying we must vote for him because ‘he’s hot’. He wasn’t. We weren’t going to vote for him anyway and mercifully he was beaten by Mr Rock N Roll, Robert Plant.

I also have a theory on which generation is in at 10pm on a Saturday night watching this:

The Beatles fans will watch the first half hour and then probably go to bed.

Queen Fans will probably be out for dinner or at a friend’s house

Led Zep fans will have been out and come back especially to watch this.

I kind of fall in that last category.

It’s a sign of the times when all three bands are depicted on the show by their tribute equivalents, especially as Led Zep rose from the ashes to perform again recently. Well all the members that are still with us.

I’m glad I watched it and know can name three Led Zep tracks without even thinking about it.

Long live Rock n Roll.


2 thoughts on “Led Zeppelin – Best Rock n Roll Band ever?

  1. I would have been up there for Led Zep or Beatles – funny because both bands were around while I was a twinkle lol. I love Queen all the same but there is just something about the opening riff to Whole Lotta Love or the riff for Stairway. Then again – I love Hey Jude by The Beatles and I Want To Hold Your Hand. I was watching it but I kinda got a bit bored lol. I went back to watching Season 7 of The West Wing – which in fact I finished yesterday evening.

    • I think I need to get the boxed set of West Wing. Never bought (or hired) a DVD ever but that’s my fave series of all time. Ahead of 24!

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