All time top 10 tunes

In no particular order

  1. Bryan Adams – Run To You (1984)

From the opening brilliant riff, this made me realise I can like all types of music, however uncool and if had to choose just one best track, this is it

  1. Duran Duran – Planet Earth (1981)

This track blew me away and got me committed to music. Finally a band I could call my own

  1. Abba – Dancing Queen (1976)

The first record I danced to in public, at the school disco. I’d taken it in. This is to be played at my funeral as the coffin disappears.

  1. Billy Idol – Rebel Yell (1984)

Raw energy in this; the cross over record between punk and rock – and you can dance to it.

  1. The Cult – Sanctuary (1985)

Raw energy for longer. I always love a track that starts in gear 4 but still manages go higher as many do on this list do.

  1. The Undertones – Teenage Kicks (1978)

Everything we need to know and remember about being a teenager. It makes the heart tick faster just as it would have done all those years ago when the object of our desire so much as walked past us.

  1.  Modjo – Lady (2000)

The newest addition and now ten years old. Seriously, I had to kick ‘Sweet Child o’ Mine’ out of the top 10 for this. Disco 21st century style.

  1. Chic – Good Times (1979)

Turned me onto disco and then to New York. Bernard Edwards & Nile Rogers are my musical ‘heroes’. Everything they touch turned to gold. RIP Mr Edwards, you made me listen, you made my smile, you made me dance and you make it worth-while.

  1. Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel –Make Me Smile (Come & Up & See Me) (1975)

I got into this through Duran Duran’s cover version. Timeless.

      1.  Candy Station – Young Hearts Run Free (1976)

From a childhood memory song to a grown-up theme tune

Whereas the ultimate all time Top Ten is unchanging, until something comes out that is worthy of it’s presence at the top the following can change from time to time but they are more or less solid. I do believe a track has to be around a good 5-10 years before it can be categorised as an all time favourite.

NB I’ve included the release dates but that doesn’t mean I knew the song when it came out. Additionally, at least three of my all time faves are missing here, Springsteen, Madonna and Gun but they’ll feature in the lists coming up each week.

What’s your all time top 10?


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