Movie – Iron Man 2

I looked back to see how I rated the first Iron Man and I don’t have a review. I know that I really enjoyed it so I guess I must have just been super busy at the time.

I remember it was a surprise hit for me; it’s a super-hero movie without world saving superheroes. Instead, Iron Man is all about the technology, i.e. the power of his suit whereas last time the story was about how Iron Man AKA Tony Stark played by Robert Downey Jr, saves the earth by building better defence for the western world that its enemies could only dream off, this time, it’s the enemies catch up.

Whilst I agree with the majority in that Robert Downy Jr is brilliant and always worth a watch, I do get the feeling that he is really playing himself in this. He has perfected a style of acting with both Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes that is not dissimilar.

I was a little apprehensive this time round that it may all be hype but two facts made me still look forward to IM2; the AC/DC soundtrack and Mickey ‘The Wrestler’ Rourke. All in all, I’d hype this package.

I was a little late and I missed the opening seconds so AC/DC’s head nodding, foot stompingly brilliant ‘Highway to Hell’ was greeting me as I opened the door and my heart was already racing by the time I was seated.

I immediately decided I was going to have to come again, if only to see those opening moments but unless I missed something – another reason to see again – I didn’t hear anymore AC/DC until I heard what I thought was the same track again at the end, despite me lingering long after most had departed the cinema.

So other than RDJ and AC/DC, that leaves Mickey Rourke who made me watch The Wrestler twice at the cinema, making it the second best film of 2008, just after the immensely powerful ‘Milk’ with the ever talented Sean Penn. So now that I’ve mentioned three must see actors in one paragraph, back to Mickey Rourke in Iron Man 2.

It’s a good job that I had heard he played a Russian baddy otherwise the accent, when he got round to speaking would have been a shock. Maybe because we don’t expect him to do accents but I think it was fine. However, it was his acting rather than speaking capability that made his presence so over powering in a particular scene in the first half.

I cannot recall the last time I saw such a breath taking moment in a film. So mesmerising was his badness’ real entrance into this film. It quite literally took my breath away to the point of making a note to take my inhaler with me next time. Not normally necessary in a cinema or any other regular event.

His character would have been made for Arnold Schwarzenegger if a) he was not the California Governator and b) if he could make a film without having top billing. Mickey Rourkes’ baddie didn’t need to have many words – in fact they gave him a few too many – but he looked awesomely menacing and absolutely fearless. Now that’s acting.

The film is worth seeing just for that as a lot of the rest of it seems to be a Iron Man ego trip for the powerful Mr Stark although with another great performance from Gwyneth Paltrow as the long suffering Assistant.

7½/10 Would easily have been an 8½ if Mickey Rourke’s badass Russian was allowed to have more onscreen presence.       Smile Factor 8½/10


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