Movie – The Ghost

A film about a writer and politics? Of course I’m going to see it. Not that I’m into politics, just in the movies and initially the film is as I expect; a new ghost writer (Ewan McGregor) is selected after the previous one is found washed up on shore. His job is to compete the writing of the memoirs for a former British Prime Minister, Adam Lang, played brilliantly by Pearce Brosnan who battles against the writers wishes to portray what life as Prime Minister was really like.

The ghost had no sooner started when the PM’s former Foreign Secretary, fired after many years of service makes public allegations about the PM’s war crimes.

During the media whirl that follows, the PM and his entourage, confidently lead by his faithful aide played wonderfully by Kim Cattrall, another reason for me to see this film, are whisked of on a disaster minimising PR tour, minus his wife with whom he generally consults on every decision.

I would have preferred the writing rather than the scandal to be the bigger feature of the film, that way we’d have been fortunate to have seen Pierce Brosnan for more than 15 minutes, but the rest is about the non-investigative writer uncovering why his predecessor had died. Once he finds out its not plausible for him to have been found so far away from where he was last seen, the film becomes a pure thriller till the end and twists and turns are ensured and UK political links with the CIA are exposed. But whose?

I heard that Nicholas Cage was the first choice for the ghost writer role which I’m pretty sure would have added at least half a point to my mark. Cast-wise, apart from over acting by Olivia Williams who plays Mrs PM, all is good.

The film has some witty lines and is brilliantly made by Roman Polanski but as I now know whodunit, I don’t feel the need to really see this film again and normally, a score needs to be above 8 for me to want to repeat the process. 7½/10 Smile 8/10

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