Movie – Kick-Ass

I was planning to see this movie for the title alone and all the rave reviews have not put me off.
The hype did alert me to the good news that Mark Strong is in it and I’m hoping this film is in the 50% of Nicholas Cage films that are good.

But Kick Ass is more than a good title; it has action, humour, great writing, and good directing and is just brilliantly produced featuring some fine acting from a young cast.
Best of all, the fabulous soundtrack and you know I’m a sucker for some well placed tunes in films.

The story is of a geek who decides becoming a super-hero will make him less nerd-like and more gods’ gift to women. He comes to the attention of a father (Nicholas Cage) and daughter Batman style super-hero combo who are out to gain revenge on the local crime lord (Mark Strong) for a drugs set up a five years ago.

The show is stolen by the gun handling, knife throwing exploits of the 11 year old daughter (Chloe Moretz) who drives, manipulates and generally kicks ass.

I wouldn’t describe it as a family film given that every third word begins with ‘F’ and the amount of bloodshed and corpses strewn throughout but it’s not a teen movie either. I’m thankful it wasn’t hyped as such as I’d never have seen it and I’m awfully glad I have.

Another great film and it’s only April.
8/10 Smile factor 9/10

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One thought on “Movie – Kick-Ass

  1. Quite a few of the lads in my youth group at church have been to see it and have been raving about how good it was – I think I might go see it but there are so many out at the moment that I’d like to see lol.

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