Journal – March 7th 2010

2 weeks into my new job/life
2 ½ weeks away from my new abode
3 weeks since I last spoke to the BF

The job is great, even better than I expected and a fulfilling challenge and I’m mostly sticking to my 35 hour week, give and take.

The new apartment has hit a snag in that this brand new city centre building has no cable! Being a big fan of Virgin, I’ve not entertained the idea of using it’s immensely lesser competitors. Or should that be singular as there is only one competitor, the second to worst company in Britain, Sky.
I’m so looking forward to being in my own place, living solo and being able to shut the door behind me and yes this brings back lots of lovely perks such as never having to wear a robe to the bathroom, leaving the bathroom door open and having the music come through and being in the bath as long as I like, having a whole fridge/freezer to myself and generally not having to share my clean, tidy space. This is the way I’ve lived for many years before New York (B4NY).
The other perk is being able to watch TV. Good old fashioned British TV and I was looking forward to that as well as all the other luxuries once I shut the door behind me and enter my own personal and private place. It doesn’t matter that I only have 2-3 must haves to watch each week; it’s just nice to have the option.
The building has over 100 apartments so for arguments sake, well over 100 people who, I cannot believe that in this day and age of 100’s of TV channels, staying in is the new going out etc etc, would be happy without cable TV.
Apparently there is a communal sky dish but they are still going to charge me installation fee (for what?), connection fee for a phone line (I don’t want a phone line, my TV comes through a phone line?) and it’s going to take 3-4 weeks. Because they have to wait 2 weeks for B(F)T (the worst company in the world – just in case you have only just met me) to flick a switch.
So Sky is going to cost more, for far inferior service and many rip-off calls to 0870 numbers every time something goes wrong. Often.

Still I’ll have my own place at last!

Which leaves us with the BF; I have absolutely no idea what is going on there. Ordinarily we communicate most days and chat once or twice a week but the last time I spoke to him was Valentines and it was business as normal. He hadn’t at the time opened his presents but I had one unrelated email a couple of days later and then he never returned my email. Or let me know what he thought of the rest of his presents. I waited a week before emailing to find out his plans for coming over and got a reply48 hours later. He doesn’t know. That was it.

I’m tired of trying to figure out what is going on in his head and keeping this thing together all on my own. Quite clearly, whatever is going on, he’s not thinking of me like I think of him.

If at sometime he remembers I exist, the ball is in his court. Until then, I have unsubscribed/unfollowed everything from him; It’s too painful to know he is at his PC and yet can’t take 20 seconds to drop me a line to see if I’m OK.

As it happens, I’m just fabulous.


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