Movie – From Paris with Love

John Travolta as a bald ‘bad’ guy – isn’t that Bruce Willis territory?

Well actually, he is a good guy, just bad, like this film.

Cast alongside Jonathan Ryse-Meyers as the ‘good’ agent, this film should be good but it’s not.

The first half just left me irritated and bored so when the second half came along, the part where the viewer is given half an idea on what is going on, it could only be an improvement.

Plot: Ryse-Meyers plays, Reece working for local government but secretly appears to be a part time agent (however that works) desperate for full time action. His partner, played by Travolta is, as per Hollywood tradition, his exact opposite and they both set about saving the world. Well actually saving some international diplomatic types from a terrorist threat

Saving the world, now that really will be stepping on Bruce Willis territory.

3/10 Smile factor 1/10 There’s one good joke

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