Journal – February 28th 2010

First of all, this would have been posted 2 days ago. In my effort to update more often due to my failing on Project 365 (I’m a words person rather than pictures girl) I decided to write a quick post directly onto WordPress but it didn’t save my draft. Never again.

Also, it would have been a lot shorter….

Sunday was obviously worked around the Carling Cup Final, the match I saw a year ago in New York, having kicked the boyfriend out of his own bedroom to view alone, as football has to be for me. This time I’m in Birmingham so poignant that its Aston Villa v Man Utd but I nearly missed the start of the match.

I planned to fill the morning with house hunting, get back in time for the match and then go back out again.
Just yesterday I was saying how brilliant the Birmingham bus service is, you can get pretty much anywhere in the city with relative ease. Except today is Sunday so the dreaded Sunday service prevails. I have no idea why in the era of seven day shopping, and therefore seven day working why there is such a drastic difference in the time table but it meant I was walking for the best part of 3 hours. I had to get two quick buses back, the second of which I was just stepping out of as the national anthem started on Talk Radio – which I’ve never even heard before – why aren’t BBC Radio 5 covering a major cup final?

I turned the TV on just as the whistle went to the referee’s mouth for kick off so definitely no time for pre-match snack. Still they won so all is well and I rushed back out to see the final flat, the one that I knew I wanted before even viewing.

Luckily for me, I hit it of with my new (far too young to be a) landlady and she’s prepared to wait for me to move in at the end of the month. It’s still more than I wanted to pay just for rent but I’ve not seen anything like it in the last two months so it’s time to make the move.

Why have we so much trust in each other having just met? I tell you why; it’s the power of Twitter! We were introduced by a mutual Tweeter who I know in ‘actual’ life too. Yippee!

Back home later, Twitter helped me again by alerting me to the ice hockey ‘final’ between Canada and USA. I do like a bit of ice hockey and I thought it was about time I got into the Winter Olympics, not just because it’s coming from one of my favourite cities, Vancouver, but because it’s ending tonight.
I routed for Canada and they won too. A good day all round.

Oh, you ask why I routed for Canada? For one it’s their main sport so it will be like Wales beating England in the football world cup, second what’s America done for me lately? Yep, nowt.

Talking of Americans doing nothing, the BF is doing one of his disappearing acts where he doesn’t contact me for days. And I can’t be bothered to even find out why this time. I know, so unlike me but sometimes, it’s just so tiring.


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