How I Quit The Gym & Got Fitter

How I quit the gym and got into shape

So how am I in better shape after quitting the gym?

This exercise is so simple and it doesn’t cost a penny. In fact it saves you money.

A couple of years ago, I decided to sell my adored, faithful, shiny, navy blue Mercedes CLK320 and go to stay in New York for 6 months. I embark on my big adventure and walk everywhere I can. You don’t live in this great city and then go underground or risk putting your life in the hands of the taxi drivers who learnt to drive in New Delhi or Rome.

You will miss the cat man, the guy who hangs around Columbus Circle with a cat proudly perched on his shoulder. You’d miss the Bloomingdale bag lady who talks to her bags and the British girl who doesn’t think anything of singing loudly to herself.

OK that last one is me.

My tenet is if I takes 20 minutes, walk. Up to 30 minutes, walk if I have enough time and over 30 minutes, use transport but then walk part of the way. I deliberately choose a coffee shop to write in that takes me fifteen minutes to walk to each day.

Guess what people, I haven’t started looking like the she-devil, I still eat the same as I did before I quit gym torture and my cellulite has all but moved out. Seriously.

The difference is I don’t have the expense of a car to run and there are always trains, planes and car hire places. Even if there’s no way you can practically live without the car, do you really need to drive instead of taking the 10 minutes to walk to the store? Really?


One thought on “How I Quit The Gym & Got Fitter

  1. I would walk to work but since we bought our house we are further away from my work place. If I don’t have the car I get a lift with my housemate or I catch the bus.

    The other problem that I have to contend with is Cementry Hill – It’s soooo steep! It’s like a hike on the way to work.

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