Movie – A Single Man

This movie has everything going for it already; a good story and a renowned, likeable British actor and then to make the movie happen, along comes a fashion designer.

OK, not the normal way films come to be but this is not just a fashion designer, this is Tom Ford ever dashing and beautifully stylish to (soft leather) boot. The man who not only rejuvenated Gucci but pretty much bought the whole fashion industry to a younger, accessible audience.

So yes, I did feel I had to dress nicely to sit and watch this in a dark cinema where no-one knew me.
Colin Firth, Oscar nominated for this role, plays an older, British professor based in LA and how he copes with
life after the death of his long-term boyfriend. Does he commit suicide or is he able to move on?

It is incredibly elegant, well made and not as sad as I had imagined due to Firth’s well timed quips and the general good humour throughout. It may be a little slow moving for some but that’s how the cinema goer gets drawn into the characters’ pain. Colin Firth is ably supported by Julianne Moore, also playing a Brit in London in 1962 and Nicholas Hoult (About a Boy) who is trying to work out his sexuality and befriends his admired professor in quite an innocent way.

The constant and lingering close-ups only got a teeny bit tedious but again, I know why Ford made it this way, not unlike a French film style accompanied with appropriately soft music.
A superbly, chic film as Tom Ford could not have made it any other way and unquestionably worth a watch.
7½/10 Smile factor 8/10

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