Movie – Edge of Darkness

I imagined this to be like ‘Taken’, an excellent film along almost the same story line: father seeks revenge after his daughter is taken. Except this time, there is no chance of getting her back; she is murdered at the beginning so Mel Gibson’s character sets about looking for the killer.

Whilst still edge-of-the-seat stuff, this film is much more of a thriller than an action movie. ‘Taken’ was about how many people can be killed in the process of retrieving daughter, this is more about finding clues, a real detective film as luckily for us, the father is in the Boston police.

That’s not to say there isn’t some humour and lots of emotion, but any Ray Winstone character is always going to manage a laugh from us, even in the bleakest of moments. The plot soon centres on the daughter’s workplace where highly classified defence department goings on reveal government corruption and a maze of cover ups.

Not too gruesome to leave you with nightmares, this is actually an almost sophisticated thriller, in the style of State of Play.

If it was indeed filmed in Boston, a city I visited just once over 10 years ago, I see they have stopped the big building project, aptly called ‘The Big Dig’. It was still raining though; it had to be to wash away most of the evidence at the murder scene.

Worth a watch, I’m glad I did.
Smile factor 7½/10

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