Diary – February 1st 2010

Happily out of touch or just getting old?

One of the very few things I missed about England when in New York was the Jonathan Ross show although it was almost compensated by the Dave Letterman show, five nights a week. Fortunately (for me) Mr Ross was taken off the air for most of that time due to a dubious BBC error. I never did understood why he got penalised for an error on a pre-recorded show. Isn’t that down to the producer?

Annyyyyyyhooow……now that I’m in England, I’m relishing a weekly fix of Match of the Day (although I actually saw more live matches whilst in NYC via Setanta broadband), that I can buy all my food in M&S and I very much look forward to the Wossy show, usually with a slice of M&S New York Cheesecake when watching it on a Friday.

But last week, when I found out who Jonathan’s guests were, I could not bring myself to watch as I have no interest in hearing what these two people have to say. Furthermore, I cannot fathom that public demand for them is such that they have managed to secure a slot on the biggest chat show in the country for what? – I have absolutely no idea. Which two people – I’m not going to mention their names here but I’m sure you know.

Although not a fan of reality shows, talent shows are a different matter. After all, I grew up with Opportunity Knocks and New Faces (again, ask your mother) but in the current selebrity culture, I fear people just want to be famous, not express their talent, when they audition for the modern equivalent.

So I did not watch JR for these two or the cast of The Misfits. This show, I’m guessing is not for my age group but I did turnover to try and find out more until an extremely irritating east end/Essex accent (no offence) put me off. So I waited to tune in just for the very fabulous Kim Cattrall who must have been wondering what has happened to the normally brilliant Jonathan Ross show. No wonder she was bored enough in the Green Room to be reading her lines.

If I’m ignorant as to what is happening in modern day Britain, I’m blissfully so.
If it’s a generation divide, then I have an excellent excuse.

Granted our host was under the weather and not at his best, perhaps just as well this was the case this week and not when the show was full of fascinating and/or funny people.
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5 thoughts on “Diary – February 1st 2010

    • I couldn’t possibly say as I do not want their names associated with me! However, it wasn’t, The 2 Ronnies, Morecambe & Wise, Richard & Judy, Batman & Robin or Ant & Dec. Who do you keep hearing about (even if you don’t want to) that only appear together?

  1. It’s basically a dumbing down of cultural products! Mass culture is a culture obsessed with profit and less concerned about value or knowledge. Let’s produce lots of accessible tv programmes etc that draw ppl in but r in no way challenging!! Not that I’m a pessimist or anything bcos I dnt follow this view completely, there r so many things I love 2 watch- rossy being one of them ( ESP when there r bollywood actors on) but there is a lot I wouldn’t ever watch bcos it’s rubbish!!

  2. Ok – but wake me up when it’s over!! At the moment, on the rare occasion I fancy and/or have time for just flicking the TV on – I don’t – until I have checked the listings. I cannot bare the thought of accidently tuning into seleb TV.

    • I agree! Things like Big Brother and I’m a Celeb have had their day. tbh. Then again is that just my opinion.

      I stick a DVD and let the computer (that works as our sky+ lol) catch the preprogrammed programs and then I watch those at my own time rather than at stupid oclock in the morning.

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