Movie – All About Steve

I wondered how bad this movie could be seeing as the-girl-who-can-do-no-wrong; Sandra Bullock is the reigning queen of romcom. That it has now finished its cinema run after only a couple of weeks renders it pointless to blog, but I like to keep a movie journal.

Having seen it, I won’t describe it as a romcom – a phrase I detest and it has probably put me off seeing some good films – it’s a straight forward comedy. I would say a warm comedy, not slapstick although there is a little of that Miss Congeniality style. Bullock plays a super intelligent crossword creator, who knows everything about everything, everywhere. That and the fact that she cannot stop herself talking are irritating to most people, especially anyone on a first date with her.

After yet another blind date, she decides she actually likes this one, Steve, and sets about stalking him across the country, having lost her crossword job after creating one ‘all about Steve’. He is a live news cameraman so you can imagine this now turns into some hilarious moments but the film has more than a little Juno-esque quality to it and you really do have empathy with the crazy crossword lady in the red boots – which are of course fabulous.

I had to get through the first 20 minutes wincing in my seat watching the two blind-daters wrestling almost naked in the front seat of his car 38 seconds after meeting. However, it’s worth a watch when it comes on the tellybox. If you like that sort of thing.
7/10 Smile factor 8½/10
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