Movie – It’s Complicated

Well here’s a revelation; a film about 50 somethings, made with 50 (60) somethings but appealing to adults of all ages.

Meryl Street plays a glamorous blonde divorcee, separated long enough to be just about back on friendly terms with her ex, played by a realistically chubby Alec Baldwin.

Typically (and for comedic value) the ex has married a single mother of child bearing age who drags him to fertility clinic every other day and demands unromantic, clinical sex whenever her body is ready to reproduce another sprog. This would be unfortunate if it turns out to be anything like its brattish brother.

That would be the normal Hollywood yawn if it wasn’t for the excellent comic timing but the twist is that 10 years post divorce, the two exes embark on a hilarious, impulsive, if ridiculous fling and the film gets going.

From then on, it’s either funny or warm or both and the inclusion of Steve Martin as the new love interest can only help. There are some well placed sentimental moments and it’s beautifully emotional when the three children realise what’s going on.

Go see it if you want to smile.
8/10 Smile factor 9/10
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4 thoughts on “Movie – It’s Complicated

  1. I saw this last week (and meant to come back and comment). I loved it!!! I think it’s the kinda film that me and my Mum would watch on a girlie night (however The American President still beats anything and everything hands down lol)

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