Movie – Did You Hear About the Morgans

New Year’s Day and the first of the minimum of 52 visits to the cinema this year. I was going to see Nine but prefer to start the year as I mean to carry on – laughing.
I figure Hugh Grant and SJP are going to hit the mark better than Daniel Day-Lewis and a bevy of babes. And I was right.

I wouldn’t say it’s a laugh a minute but certainly I found myself chuckling say, every 5 minutes but even then I was smiling right from the off. The only issue I have for the first 20 minutes or so is the lack of explanation for ‘New Yorker’ Hugh Grant’s distinctive English accent. Then I thought to myself, anything is possible with Hollywood stardust so get over it and enjoy the ride.

The story goes along the line of the couple have separated after the man’s roving eye wandered too far but after a attempted patch-up dinner, they witness a murder. With the murderer on the run, they are put into the witness protection programme outside a tiny town somewhere in Wyoming. The film is mostly about their estranged relationship whilst living in a different world to their accustomed bright lights of New York City.

The obligatory Hugh Grant one-liners are superb and SJP has surprising comic timing honed over several seasons of SATC no doubt.
Oh and Mary Steenburgern and Sam Elliot as the couple who are assigned to look after the Morgans in the country are brilliant.

It’s not as predictable or as slap-stick as I had feared but moves along at a perfect pace. And of course it has a perfect Hollywood ending. And we wouldn’t have it any other way, would we?

God bless Huge Rant for always playing the same role so well.
8/10 (Yes, that surprises me too but I’m feeling overtly optimistic and happy on January 1st)
Smile factor 9/10

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