Movie – Sherlock Holmes

Not being too familiar with the stories, this was almost brand new to me. I had seen the bare knuckle fighting scenes in the trailer which lead me to believe this was indeed going to be Sherlock Homes, Guy Ritchie style.

Robert Downey Jr & Jude Law play Holmes & Watson perfectly, not necessarily the familiar characters but good nonetheless and with an obvious chemistry.
The storyline is fantastic, in true mystery thriller mode, leaving you in suspense until the end but watch out for the gory scenes.

The only let down for me is that the line, ‘elementary, dear Watson’ is missing. Did he ever say it?

Watching the movie on Christmas day pretty much summed up our non-traditional but white Christmas in Montreal, sandwiched between watching the NY Knicks live game in a bar and ending the day with a meal at an Indian restaurant. I did have a present to open when we returned to the hotel under the lights of our mini Christmas tree. Loved every minute. 7½/10 Smile factor 8½/10

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3 thoughts on “Movie – Sherlock Holmes

  1. If you google the phrase one of the links that come up is this.

    It turns out that “Elementary my Dear Watson” didn’t appear in the Arthur Conan Doyle books – it only later appeared in the films. In the book he is sometimes refered to as “My dear Watson” but thats as close as he gets 🙂

    Yup I am a geek but it did answer the question lol.

    My Mum wants to go and see it and I have pointed out to her that it won’t be like the Holmes programmes that she watches on the television. Hopefully I will go see it – but with this cold my Mum doesn’t want to hang out with me lol.

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  3. Thank you – thought it was something like that! I heard that the film was more like the books but I don’t remember the TV series anyway

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