Dream Jobs

“When you cease to dream you cease to live.” Forbes

Having said that some dreams are just that, wishful thinking. They are so far removed from your career or regular life that although I’m a believer in anything can change and therefore happen, the chances are slim. Other dreams are goals – dreams with deadlines, real aspirations that you are working towards every day. When you get there, you find new goals.

When we are young, anything is indeed possible. We can follow the right course of action at school and university to lead us to our goals. We can be an astronaut, scientist, pilot or president of our country. We can be a plumber, a fire fighter, doctor or indeed a hairdresser. We can even become a model, maybe not a supermodel but a model nonetheless, even if people just want to photograph your hands. The world needs hand models.

As we get older, for some reason, it’s harder to make changes to go for our goals. But why?

We can become many things and not be paid for it although I’m not sure if that’s then technically a job. In fact we could define a dream job as one you would do without pay – if you can afford to do so.

My top 6 dream jobs
1. Working in record store
Listening to music, talking about music, buying music, selling music. Perfect days.
I did this dream job as a teenager so what’s more, working with like-minded music lovers, even though we had differing tastes is like finding your intellectual partners. No matter how obscure the track is, someone will know about it and add to your knowledge.
It could never have been a career due to the low pay, even as a manager. This is most certainly a job that I would volunteer my services for free and quite frankly that may be the only way as with record shops long gone, CD shops are becoming extinct. There are no specialist stores in New York. New York!
Even though it took me a couple of years to get used to CDs, I’ve yet to succumb to down loads. There is no fun in buying something you want in 30 seconds flat and having nothing to show for it; no packaging, no sleeve notes, no pictures, no lyrics (most important). Nothing.
2. Taster at Marks & Spenser (Cakes and desserts specialist)
No explanation needed
3. Lingerie Buyer
This is a throwback and I don’t think I’d be all that excited about it these days. Having said that, my addiction to underwear has lasted the test of time and I just don’t see the point of not having the foundations right before getting dressed. I don’t understand women who own, never mind wear, old greying, torn, undies when there’s so much lovely stuff to wear.
4. Radio Producer
This is going back to the love of music. Although I don’t like being in the front line and therefore the centre of attention, to me the action is putting things together behind the scenes.
5. New York Tour guide
The latest addition to the list, thanks to a friends idea. This will happen.
6. Writer
It’s like someone; somewhere is always listening to your thoughts. An early retirement plan right from the start, the dream – no actually the goal – now is to do this full time.
And have more people reading.

What’s your dream job?
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