It all goes on in M&S Journal–Friday 11th December

Part One
I popped into M&S food hall today and before I could put anything in my basket I’m stopped in the first aisle by a sweet old man.
It took a few attempts until I guessed right – he’s asking for a personal shopper to collect his shopping as he’s no spring chicken. Fittingly (ha-ha) we were in the meats aisle, not my forte or I would have offered to take on the role myself.
I duly went to customer services and a very nice manager type blonde told me she’d send someone round. Immediately, she asked two of her staff to swap jobs so the more junior of the duo could undertake said shopping.
I let the gentleman know and pointed at the helpful lady from where he stood aided by his walking stick, as if to prove that I did do as I was told.
As I went up and down the aisles, I kept checking to see if anyone was helping him feeling increasingly guilty as he waited. And waited.
On the way back, I deliberately walked past where I left him and I saw him talking to another unsuspecting shopper. I was about to go and see if he was alright and then saw a young work experience type walking towards his with steak and kidney pie (or something). He was being helped. What lovely service, that will be me in 30 years.
Part Two
Later, having battled with the addictive but destructive (that’s if you buy three or more items) self-service tills, I’m double charged for an item. Upon going back to customer services to obtain the refund (yes, have done this before) I’m told by the ultra-friendly assistant I would never make an M&S Saturday girl as I can’t handle a till without putting an item through twice! Apparently the self service tills are there to test me.
Still reeling from the shock and after explaining that a food tester for M&S was always a dream job for me, I find the person standing next to me is the aforementioned shopper, getting priority check out service. I now realise why I didn’t understand him; he’s Irish and a ladies man at that.


2 thoughts on “It all goes on in M&S Journal–Friday 11th December

  1. I was a Cashier at a supermarket for my first Saturday Job. That was before self-service tills lol. I love the self service tills! Ok its irritating when it doesn’t quite keep up but it’s cool and sometime more friendly than the cashiers.

    Me and my best friend were in the supermarket the other day and there is a lad on the deli counter with Emo hair who helps lots and then theres a girl on tills with crazy blonde spikey hair (think Pink) and she’s so friendly! Her hair and holes where her piercings would normally be would probably put you off but she’s very helpful and friendly!

    I do think it’s often the minority of bad customer service people that but a bad name to the rest. What do you think?

    • I think customer service standards can only come from the top – the floor staff are representing the them and the company. It’s very easy to monitor and train (what I do as a freelance consultant) so don’t understand why people don’t understand the importance.
      I’ve been loyal to M&S for my whole adult life because of quality and service – that’s all you need.
      It’s the ONLY thing I missed in NYC – the supermarket food is generally bad quality there. The BF thought M&S food was great when he came over.

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