Movie – Nativity

Last week there was a distinct lack of films I wanted to see at the cinema and this week looked like going the same way until I spotted this on the listings.
After the initial ‘how come I have never heard of this locally based film, why was their no fanfare, why didn’t anyone tell me’ I remembered that I barely listen to local radio or read the local press. Instead I rely mostly on following carefully selected people on Twitter who I assume will tell me all that I need to know. But following two cinemas and one cinema magazine has resulted in zero news about new releases or films being made.
I was a little concerned as the trailers before the movie were a little dark for a U film. Turns out they put the wrong film on, Cracks, so being nearest to the door, I rushed out to find a member of staff before the little kiddies I could hear chuckling in the audience got more of an education than they anticipated. This is something I always think will happen – or more likely that I will accidently wander into the wrong screen so as a habit, I never get completely comfortable before the credits start.
Anyhow, I’m here to inform you that Nativity is funny – definitely, original – quite and family friendly – absolutely.
The story is of two rival schools in Coventry vying for the attention of a local newspaper reviewer (do they have such a person for school productions?). Turns out the underdog school teacher, who ‘hates’ Christmas has an ex-girlfriend in Hollywood so we follow the antics of him, and his classroom assistant side-kicks’ antics in trying to woo her and her film industry buddies over to the West Midlands in England.
The obligatory Christmas fairy dust comes via the fact that the down trodden, festivities-hating educator still has gushy feelings for said blond Hollywood star – as he thinks she is, having broken up with her at during yuletide some years back.
You can guess the ending but children will be wowed by it anyway. Either way, although a teensy bit annoying at the start, I guarantee you will come out of the cinema with a big smile – regardless of age.
No matter how impatient your little ones, please stay till the end and imagine you were there for the winning nativity production, you’ll be glad you did. 7½/10 Smile factor 8½/10


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