Gratitude list – November

It’s Thanksgiving so an extra special list this month
I’m grateful for;
1.returning safely from my first trip to Montreal to celebrate being on this planet for 43 years.
2.Powder Room Graffiti for publishing my first article, my first paid for article indeed and for giving me wonderful constructive feedback.
3.receiving the news of the above during my birthday lunch in Montreal, the best birthday present I could have received.
4.being followed on Twitter by not one but three of Birmingham’s finest editorial staff
5.India Knight, esteemed Sunday Times columnist conversing with me on Twitter
6.deciding last Christmas I will no longer buy Christmas presents because there are now too many to buy. Every one person I know has expanded into a family of 2, 3, 4, 5 or more and whereas I love buying presents, this is way too much time and I find myself buying meaningless gifts for the sake of it. Enough.
7.the boyfriend and I getting through an extremely tough, emotional month but surviving and now being back to making each other laugh every day. We’re planning a wonderful, chilled Christmas together in snowy Montreal, taking into account all the issues that we have aired (the biggest one being 3300 miles apart)
8.rejecting shop bought and deciding on making real fresh American pancakes each weekend, even though I had to buy a special pan for them. Yum yum. friend K for helping me move some of my belongings not shipped to NY to my place and for car booting other things I no longer need. three friends visiting me from MK. In seven months since returning I’ve only had three visitors and one of them was my boyfriend flying in for two weeks in the summer. We had an absolute ball of a weekend and I couldn’t ask for nicer supportive, understanding, loyal friends. I’m truly blessed
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2 thoughts on “Gratitude list – November

  1. I am so pleased that your article got posted! Thats so exciting! Montreal for Christmas sounds amazing! We’re going to be here doing the family thing – I’d like to go away for Christmas but it’s like the only time that life slows down long enough lol.

  2. Well of course the last 4 years I have spend Christmas in NYC so it’s going to be a little odd but much better than nothing. If I didn’t know the BF I would have gone somewhere still – probably Italy. It’s always been my 1 week of ‘me time’ in the year although of course my lifestyle in unrecognisable now from the old 18hr working days! I still like making the most of the holiday period. I like the family thing but my own is too crazy these days so better of being away from it all…..

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