Globe Trotting C list and beyond

C List The current list is really a discover America list, having been to all the cities I desired.

Upstate New York 2009 ♥♥♥♥1/2+ 

I needed to check this out if I was going to seek early retirement here to start writing my books.

Peekskill Coffee Shop - Doesn't look like much but it's magical

Philadelphia 2007 ♥♥ 

America’s history so was worth the early morning start for a Christmas time day trip

Washington 2008  ♥♥♥♥ 

More history….

……actually who am I kidding. It’s all about the West Wing, the best drama ever made, along with my bizarre curiosity with the American presidency.

Was too enthralled to actually take any pics in Georgetown

Chicago – would have been here or Dallas for my birthday this year if I was in the USA


Grand Canyon


Vancouver Island

Carolina – north and south


South – Buenos Aires

D list – all 50 US states? 

 Places I’ve been but was never really bothered about

 India – having said that, it’s my mother country so had I not gone when I was too young to really appreciate it, I would have wanted to go at least once.

 Alicante – only to visit a retired friend who has now married and moved to far flung and cold Eastern Canada

 Madrid­ – only to visit a friend and then again for her pre-wedding party. Barcelona is immensely better.

 Montreal – the most recent trip purely as its practical meeting place for a US outcast (me) and a New Yorker (my very good-natured boyfriend)

 Atlanta – a dull 24 hours here on route to New Orleans etc. Mobile was equally dull on the same trip.

 Places I was curious to go but curious no more – Paris, Dublin

 Underrated – Providence, Banff,  

 Overrated – New Orleans 

 Can’t wait to go back to

 1. San Francisco

 2. Rhode Island

 3. Washington

 4. Vancouver

 Used to be on the maybe list but really not bothered now – Tokyo, Hong Kong

 Important days spent in New York

 Thanksgiving 1989/2008

 Christmas        2005/06/07/08

 New Year        2008 (although don’t/didn’t celebrate)

 St Patricks      2006/09

 Easter              2007

 Birthday           2008

Halloween       2008

(And Valentines 2009 although that’s not really ‘important’)

July 4th – ah, that was meant to be 2009…..

PS I remembered about Sicily, however, it’s not on the list as it’s my honeymoon destination. I’m saving it for if and when I get married again.


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